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Track Progress Toward Goal

  • Set a weekly or biweekly deadline to report progress.  For example, "Our team will report progress every Friday.  The person responsible for reporting results for your team is _________.”
  • Make sure every group member is in the loop.  Designate a group member to track and share the results.  For example, “Our team will share our progress with all members by email/phone calls every week.  The person responsible for sharing progress is _________.”
  • Keep track of your progress.  Score sheets like the one below can be helpful.
Week # Shifts Driving Veterans as Individual # Shifts Driving Veterans as Team # Veterans Served as Individual # Veterans Served as Team # Volunteers Active
Week 1






Week 2






Week 3






Week 4






Week 4






Week 6






Week 7






Week 8






Week 9        


Week 10        


Week 11        


Week 12        




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