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House Meeting Agenda

***Before starting the meeting, have everyone sign in and appoint a timekeeper who will keep each section running on time.***

0:00-0:10             Host welcome and introduction

  • Host of the meeting introduces themselves and welcomes attendees.
  • Host shares why (s)he was inspired to organize the house meeting and the purpose of the meeting.

0:10-0:25             Attendee introductions

  • Go around the room and ask each person to introduce themselves and share their reason for wanting to serve.

0:25-0:45             Choose a project

  • Host introduces three or four project ideas and opens up the room for discussion.
  • Discuss what projects will work best in your community.
  • Group votes on project choice.

0:45-0:55              Set goals and identify leadership

  • Ask which attendees are interested in being volunteer leaders - they should stay after the meeting for 15 minutes and commit to a weekly planning meeting beginning 2-3 months before the service project.
  • Ask each attendee to consider personal summer goals and make a realistic but ambitious service commitment.

0:55-1:00              Conclusion

  • At the end of the meeting, the group should have:
    • At least one project to commit to.
    • A leadership team.
    • Pledges from each attendee to participate.

1:00-1:15              Leadership team meeting

  • Meet with volunteer leaders to set weekly meeting and divide  responsibilities.
  • Fill out attached worksheets
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