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Post Your Project

Post Your Project

The website uses All for Good to help people post and find volunteer opportunities. Organizations can post both single opportunities as well as multiple projects at one time by clicking on the “Post a Volunteer Project or Opportunity” button and following the instructions provided. An outline of the process is also given below: 

  1. Click on the “Post a Volunteer Project or Opportunity Button”. By clicking on this button, you will exit the website and enter the All for Good website.
  2. At the All for Good website, you will be asked for a few pieces of information in order to register for your organization’s project spreadsheet. This is a one-time process. (See Figure A. for the types of information you will be asked to provide to register for your project spreadsheet.)
  3. Once you receive access to your project spreadsheet, you can add your project data. Return to this spreadsheet at any time to edit current projects, delete expired projects and/or add new projects in the future. (See Figure B. for the types of information you will need to provide about your project.)

Click on the “Post a Volunteer Project or Opportunity” button to get started: 

Figure A. Project Spreadsheet Registration Example

Figure B. Project Information Categories 

  • Opportunity Title (REQUIRED)
  • Sponsoring Organization (REQUIRED)
  • Description (REQUIRED)
  • Special Skills Needed
  • Location Name (REQUIRED)
  • Location number/street
  • Location City (REQUIRED)
  • Location state/province (REQUIRED)
  • Location Zip/ postal code
  • Location Country
  • Website (REQUIRED)
  • Start Date (REQUIRED)
  • End Date
  • How often does event happen?
  • Days of Week Event Repeats On

*By clicking this button, you will exit the site and be redirected to the All for Good site.  The United States Government/Corporation for National and Community Service does not endorse or support the views expressed or the community service opportunities presented on nor does it endorse any commercial products that may be advertised or available on

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