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AARP 10-WEEK WALKING PROGRAM, Program Coordinator's Guide Download the PDF guide by cutting and pasting this link in your browser:
This10-week walking program model begins with a kickoff event where participants gather to get fired up to commit to increasing the amount they walk for 10 weeks. The kickoff includes educational presentations on setting goals, how to walk the right way, how to wear a step-counter, etc. The kickoff also allows for people to find walking buddies or groups to walk with and to get the EASY Screening Form filled out. Motivation tips and fun ideas such as scavenger hunts and a 10 week celebration event are also included.

  • AARP Step Up to Better Health Health Inspiring program to help you increase the number of steps you take each day, no matter how active you are now.
  • AARP Get Fit on Route 66
    Fun, nostalgic trip down America's most famous highway lets you choose from 66 activities, including walking. Visit the Route 66 Diner for recipes or try the Backseat Driver feature where friends can opt in to see each other's progress.
  • AARP Staying Motivated
    A variety of AARP articles to help you stay the course and keep walking.
  • Rails-To-Trails
    Walk, run, or cycle your way to better health and fitness on the nation's network of 1,200 community rail-trails. The Rails-to-Trails Conservancy has a free online database that can help you find a trail near you.
  • Sierra Club
    The Sierra Club has group outings that include day hikes, bird-watching trips, canal walks, peak scrambles, and forays into natural areas of major urban regions. Find a chapter near you.
  • American Volkssport Association
    Find walking events, clubs, workshops, and special programs. The group's network of 450 clubs organizes more than 3,000 noncompetitive walking events each year in all 50 states. You can search for a club in your area.
  • WalkSport
    Information on mall-walking programs.
  • The Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center (PBIC)
    PBIC is a national clearinghouse for information about health and safety, engineering, advocacy, education, enforcement, access, and mobility for pedestrians (including transit users) and bicyclists. Provides information on how to get involved in making your community more walkable and ideas for promoting walking at work and in the community.


Material provided by AARP as part of its Create the Good® initiative. To learn more go to

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