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Set Concrete Goals

Setting goals helps you be accountable to yourself and also increases accountability within a group.  Clear goals at the beginning of a project will also help you determine how your project will work and what role group members can play.  Once goals are set, you can track your progress, compare your results with other group members, and figure out what works best so everyone can meet (or exceed) their goals.

Set a service goal and hold yourself accountable.  Commit as an individual and as a team to volunteer a certain number of hours throughout the year, season, or month.  Then keep your commitment.  Let’s see what we can do together!

  • As an individual I will replace ___ number of light bulbs with CFLs in the homes of friends and family.
  • I will pledge to turn off all the lights in any room and any electrical appliances like TV's, DVD players, and stereos that are not being used.
  • I will turn my water heater down to 120 degrees.
  • I will educate my friends, family, and co-workers on saving energy
  • As an individual, I will ask ______ friends, family members, colleagues to join me in service this year.
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