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Setting Goals: Walking Team

Setting goals and having a plan to meet them will help you form and maintain your walking group. Plan to get together as a group once a week to keep your group motivated and to ask them to report their progress.

These three easy, yet very important, steps will help with goal setting. Ask group members to:

  1. Set a start date: If you're truly ready, don't wait! Take advantage of your enthusiasm and keep that momentum going. Pick a start date and record it on the Personal Action Plan.
  2. Tell friends and family: You need support, and the people who care about you can provide it. Telling others about your plan also reinforces your commitment to yourself.
  3. Write down your goals: Think about your goals and what you must do to meet them. Make sure to prioritize your new commitment to being active among your other activities. Consider what adjustments you'll need to make in your schedule to make walking a priority.

What will you do to help your walkers stay motivated?

Material provided by AARP as part of its Create the Good® initiative. To learn more go to

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