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Sample Phone Script

  • Hi, my name is ______ and I'm interested in volunteering with your organization. May I speak with your Volunteer Coordinator?
  • Are you the best person for me to contact?
  • Some friends and I would like to organize a book drive. Would you be interested in accepting donated books?
  • Do you have restrictions on the kind of books you accept?
  • Do you accept used books as well as new books?
  • Do you have a book wish list?
  • Do you need books that target a specific age group?
  • If we create a book drive flyer, can we use your organization's name and/or logo?

You may use the chart below to organize your information.

The organization my team will send books to is:______________.

The contact at the organization is:__________________________.

The organization accepts new/used books for children ages ___ to ___.

The organization has a list of recommended books yes/no.

My local library has a list of recommended books yes/no.

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