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Public Lands Stewardship: The Facts

Hiking trails across the nation are in constant need of attention from causes both natural and man-made. They are commonly damaged by erosion, foliage, litter and wildlife.

Water is a trail’s worst enemy. Storms can wash out trails and sever tree limbs, blocking a trail or making it unsafe for hikers. Even normal levels of rainfall can cause erosion and have long term effects on a trail. Aside from erosion, wildlife is known to burrow into trails. Human traffic will litter and deteriorate trail boundaries, and the surrounding foliage will inevitably create obstacles.

With thousands of trails to maintain, volunteers are a necessary component of their creation and preservation. Volunteer groups around the country routinely repair damaged trails and create new ones for the nation to enjoy. It takes time and training to become an effective trail maintenance volunteer, but the payoff is worth the effort.

Commit yourself and a team of your friends, family, and neighbors to help restore America’s park trails and join United We Serve. This tool kit will give you the basics to recruit a team, organize your group, and make an impact.

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