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Staying Motivated

If your team decides to hold occasional or regular meetings, you can turn them into opportunities to motivate yourselves and each other by:

  • Inviting a local speaker to talk about fitness and healthy eating
  • Finding and sharing articles or Web sites on walking and sample walking logs to record progress
  • Setting weight-loss goals
  • Sharing success stories
  • Recognizing group members who have lost weight or improved their health by walking
  • Making a list of all the benefits of walking, and posting and reviewing them at each meeting. Mention that walking can reduce stress, help prevent heart disease, improve sleep, and help you maintain or lose weight.

Remember that your continued enthusiasm as the team's leader is very important. Talk about how walking has improved your life. Encourage interested members and welcome new walkers. And most of all, be a role model by being a committed walker.

Material provided by AARP as part of its Create the Good® initiative. To learn more go to

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