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Leadership Team Worksheet

The members of my team include:


Phone Number

















Our weekly leadership meetings occur every _______ at ________.

Who are 5 other friends and family members who you will call to enlist in your group's project?  Make these calls during the leadership team meeting, if possible:


Phone Number


















Setting Goals and Tracking Progress

Breaking Down Your Goal


What is your group's project?


Who are your local partners?


What is your group's goal? (ie, how many lbs of donated food will you secure, how many hours will you spend reading to kids, how many homes will you audit?)


How many weeks do you have until the date of your service project?


What will you have to accomplish per week between now and your service project to reach your goal?


How many volunteers will you have to recruit on average per week to reach that goal?  How many hours would you guess they have to work?  If it’s not clear at first, you should be ambitious and then adjust your recruitment goal as you go.


Tracking Progress to Goals

Our team will report progress to goals every _________ to _________. 

_________ will share our progress to goals with all team members by email/phone calls every _________.

We will also share our story and accomplishments at

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