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Basic Agenda for a Good Team Activity

Welcome & Relationship Building (10 min)

Why: Keeps us connected with our own stories & why we’re involved; helps us find common ground with others.

Review Strategy & Our Team Story (5 min)

Why: Reminds us why we matter, what our role is, how we can make a difference, and how what we do today fits into our team goal.

Training for Your Service Activity (20 min)

Why: Provides new team members or volunteers with action skills, refreshes skills for others, and provides opportunity to role play in safe environment.

Action as a Team (TBD)

Why: Whether you’re reading to children as individuals or organizing a virtual food drive, remember that you’re working as a team. Set a clear time to regroup and evaluate your work.

Tally Up (10 min)

Why: Gives us a sense we’re making progress. Reminds us that we need each other and can do more as a team than as individuals. Sets aside time to add up our outcomes. We can see how far this puts us toward our goal for today and our overall goal.

Evaluate Action (10 min)

Why: Helps us learn from both successes and failures and improve over time. Helps us digest key learnings so we don’t forget them. Helps us evaluate both success and failure so we can do better next time.

Strategize for next week’s service (10-15 min)

Why: Engages all participants in decision-making and creative strategizing about what activity we’ll do or where we’ll focus. Gives every team member ownership and creates a last sense of community.


Why: Who wants to be part of an organization that doesn’t have any fun??!!

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