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Track Progress Toward Goal

  • Set a weekly or biweekly deadline to report progress.  For example, "Our team will report progress every Friday. The person responsible for reporting results for your team is _________.”
  • Make sure every group member is in the loop. Designate a group member to track and share the results.  For example, “Our team will share our progress with all members by email/phone calls every week. The person responsible for sharing progress is _________.”
  • Keep track of your progress. Score sheets like the one below can be helpful. You can convert your daily energy saving activities into amount of carbon saved by using this carbon calculator.


Neighbor /Friend 1

Neighbor /Friend 2

Neighbor /Friend 3

# of light bulbs changed





Unplugging unused appliances and turning off lights





Degrees water heater turned down





# of appliances replaces with energy star appliances





# ceiling fans installed





# of window leaks sealed





# trees planted for shade





# of times washed clothes in cool water





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