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Serving Veterans and Military Families

The President and First Lady, and the Vice President and Dr. Biden are among many who believe that supporting our service members and strengthening our military families is both critical to the Nation’s national security and a national moral obligation. Through the President’s Call to Service, the Corporation is focusing efforts to positively impact veterans and military families.

It is vital that American communities better understand what our troops and their families are facing – and use that knowledge to simply, positively, and productively help those families address the challenges that service to our country has imposed upon them.

The Corporation for National and Community Service is working with veterans in communities across the United States, tapping their unique skills and leadership abilities to tackle assignments ranging from disaster response and mentoring at-risk youth to building homes and helping soldiers returning from war.

Programs such as AmeriCorps and Senior Corps put veterans and military families on a pathway to economic opportunity as they assist others in the military community—and, in doing so, find strength in making an impact on problems here at home.

Learn more about National Service: Supporting Veterans and Military Families

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Article promotes qualities military retirees bring to classrooms as educatorsAn op-ed by in The Sumter Item highlights the opportunity for the more than 400,000 veterans who call South Carolina home to continue their service through AmeriCorps and Teach For America. "About 100 Teach For America AmeriCorps members have a military background. Part of
“A person needs to think that you care before they care what you think.” - Author and U.S. Army veteran Wes Moore, during an appearance on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, Feb. 4, 2015 (extended interview)
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