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My American Story

The My American Public Service Announcements (PSAs) feature President Obama, Bon Jovi, Usher and everyday volunteers calling upon all Americans to step up and get involved.

  • “My American Story” PSAs feature volunteers telling their own stories of service and ends with a call from President Obama asking every American to get involved.
  • Jon Bon Jovi's “Are You with Me?” spot showcases music from Bon Jovi’s hit songs and asks Americans to get involved with something they believe in.
  • Usher's “Power of Change” spot (radio only) features music from his hit OMG and asks us to “power change through volunteering.”


Television PSAs:

My American Story

Radio PSAs:


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How You Can Help

My American Story is part of United We Serve, President Obama’s call to all Americans to volunteer in their communities. United We Serve recognizes that our nation’s progress and prosperity depends on the active involvement of citizens. Everyone has the power to make a difference and all of us should try.

  1. Volunteer.  Visit the homepage of to find a volunteer opportunity in your community.
  2. Share Your Story.  Click here to upload a video of your story or click here to share your story of service with us.
  3. Share the PSAs.  Click here to learn how you can help get these videos played on your local station. 
  4. Spread the Word.  Click here to download My American Story web banners that you can use on your website or social media channel.

  • Ryan Leahy had little direction. A friend suggested he join AmeriCorps where he ended up serving in the Smoky Mountains. Within five minutes of his arrival he had the 'most amazing experience he ever had' assisting biologists in the field with a darting, free-range bull elk.  WATCH >
    Tayon Brewster was working with foster children when he met a young boy who 'grew on him.' He had behavior problems, wouldn't listen to anyone and was close to being cut from the program. But Tayon saw himself in this child.  WATCH >
    Gary Gray has dedicated his life to helping homeless men and women – especially homeless veterans – work towards self-sufficiency and 'come back to life.' And he should know – he was a homeless veteran himself - living in the streets for nine months.  WATCH >
  • Tamara Anthony was just out of college, doing a job she did not love when she decided to "take money out of the equation" and join AmeriCorps. She realized she wanted to work with children and was increasingly alarmed by how many children were 'slipping through the cracks.'  WATCH >
    Carmelita Limas completed three years of AmeriCorps including a stint with NCCC. It was there where a moment was 'burned in her memory' of building a house with Habitat for Humanity.  WATCH >
    Artisha Mann was inspired by a grandmother that came from Sierra Leone with very little access to education and a mother who instilled the importance of volunteer work in her as a young child.  WATCH >
  • A native Brit who has spent nearly 20 years in the US, Moose Mutlow has served all over the world in a variety of capacities. He sees service as a stone that ripples with impact and allows people to step out of their own world and give back to society.  WATCH >
    Alan Siedel found himself in need of some assistance. He needed access to transportation, affordable clothing and furniture and received that help from a local agency. He wanted to return the favor and recognized that while he didn't have money, he had time.  WATCH >
    After a tough semester at college Alissa Silverstein sat down with her father and expressed her concern that he wouldn't be proud of her. He responded by saying 'as long as you're helping people I will always be proud of you.'  WATCH >
  • Sheryl Thomas graduated from Medical Assistance School and got a job working with the homeless. It was so much more than a job.  WATCH >
    Richard Washington believes that retired people are uniquely positioned to bring a lifetime of insight and experience to their communities through volunteerism.  WATCH >
    When Timm Lovitt returned from Iraq, he had a hard time transitioning back to civilian life. After serving as an AmeriCorps member, he saw volunteering as a way to make a difference in his life and others. He now works with Vet Corps to strategically place other veterans into service opportunities.  WATCH >

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