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Wounded Warriors Program and HUD

by Antoinette B.

Wounded Warriors Program and HUDOn August 4, a group of 15 Housing and Urban Development (HUD) employees volunteered at Walter Reed – a hospital for wounded soldiers. HUD participants held a cookout and served dinner to patients, family members, veterans, and hospital employees. The officer in charge, Sergeant Major Moore, extended an enthusiastic and heartfelt thanks to the HUD volunteers for their services to his troops.

The Wounded Warriors program, in which HUD participates, made the cookout possible. The program offers the opportunity for fun and friendship and for networking and sharing, as well as a chance to support hospitals and its patients. The program sponsors social and fundraising events for the entire group of wounded soldiers, as well as informal coffee groups that meet in Maryland and Virginia. The program also sponsors a play group for young mothers and their children, and a book group. Walter Reed plays a big part in helping our wounded soldiers feel appreciated, and HUD is thankful to be able to contribute.

To get engaged with veterans in your community, search on "veterans" or "military families" or "service members" or "soldiers". Or contact your local Veterans Administration to learn about work in the local veterans community.

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