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Veteran Builds Homes, Rebuilds a Life Through AmeriCorps

by Paula Katrina Drago
Corporation for National and Community Service CEO Wendy Spencer (left) and Director of AmeriCorps Bill Basl pause for a photo with Regina Best, a U.S. Air Force veteran serving with Habitat for Humanity through AmeriCorps during the Veterans Habitat Build-a-Thon on the National Mall on June 2, 2013. Best overcame homelessness after her military service and now helps others though Habitat for Humanity. (Corporation for National and Community Service Photo)

Today, we're pleased to share the truly inspiring story of Habitat for Humanity AmeriCorps member Regina Best.

A U.S. Air Force veteran, Regina Best was recently homeless and became so passionate about service that she spent months building homes for others before finding one for herself. Now in her own apartment and back in school, Best is determined to keep serving well beyond her AmeriCorps term.

While in Washington, DC, for Habitat for Humanity's veterans build-a-thon on the National Mall, Best spoke to WTOP and told her story:

WASHINGTON - It's just before noon on an overcast and humid Sunday on the National Mall. Regina Best is down on her right knee, a screwdriver firm in her right hand, the nose held steady by her left. As she's done countless times in the past couple of hours, she gives a strong squeeze of the trigger to drill another screw into the frame of what soon will become a home for a family without one.

Best is dressed properly for the occasion, with her short, petite frame swallowed up by a baggy gray T-shirt. She wears equally baggy gray shorts that hide her knees, casual black shoes, white socks that conceal her ankles and a left wrist full of trendy plastic bands that, together, are the color of a rainbow.

Read the full story.

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