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Utah Senior Shepherds Young Girl Through School

by Carol W.

I shall never forget a little girl named Sabrina. Her hair was fly-away dish-water blonde and framed her narrow face, thin lips, pointy chin and blue eyes. Thin and gangly, she made a perfect target for numerous taunts and teasing from other children. She was also very disruptive in class. She was defiant of the teacher, aggressive to other children and rude. It seemed she didn’t want to learn. She needed help!

The teacher considered a special needs classroom but I asked if I could try some one-on-one daily help. It was discouraging at first, but with persistence and patience she gradually began to respond. The light in those little blue eyes when she finally mastered the sounds of the letters made the entire struggle worthwhile. She demonstrated improvement in wanting to learn, and eventually even her behavior improved. She gained not only the ability and desire to learn, but also self esteem.

No one was more proud of her than I when she passed the first grade.

Carol W. is a Foster Grandparent in Northern Utah. There are thousands of seniors across the country acting as mentors, role models, and friends to young children who need their support. To learn more about the program or to become a Foster Grandparent, go to

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