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Treat for Good on Halloween

by Natalie F.

This halloween International Hand Foundation a non profit charity focusing on education would like introduce "Treat for Good", a halloween program that has kids reaching out for more than candy but for a life lesson in compassion for a child across the world.

We are asking children and parents to support IHF this halloween and ask your fellow neighbors not for candy but for support for children across the world to attend school. We will recognize all children that stand up for this cause and "Treat for Good". In return you will be entered in a drawing to receive the children's book Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein.

IHF isn't focusing on the donation but more on the lesson. This halloween "Treat for Good" , your neighbors will be more than proud of your little one. All efforts are appreciated, it's the lesson we are more interested in teaching. All you have to do is make a donation box with IHF logo and explain IHF's mission of helping children to your child.

You can grab the logo from our website or we can email you brochures. To learn more check out or our blog

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