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A Story of Renewed Purpose

by Jessica S.

I graduated from Auburn University in May 2009 and found myself jobless, yet needing to finish my lease in Auburn. My lease terminated at the end of July, so I decided to begin volunteering at the Lee County Red Cross in Opelika, AL to pass the time and gain some non-profit experience.

The Lee County Red Cross put me to work running errands, cleaning up the office space, and doing clerical work. I also help with our Utilities assistance program and with the occasional fire call.

I had been planning on volunteering three days per week, but was told early on about Obama's Summer Youth Employment Program. When I enrolled in the program, I began volunteering four days per week. I am proud to have become a part of the Red Cross family and to have the opportunity to help my community. I love the staff at Lee County Red Cross and really appreciate the time spent working and helping people.

In my opinion, there is no better work than to spend your time and talents bettering your own community.

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