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Sons of Norway Serve

by Bob S.

Sons of Norway assists year round with the Ski for Light Puget Sound chapter. We think it is important to not only get involved with the event, but to maintain a tie to Ski for Light to demonstrate how vital this event is for blind and mobility impaired individuals.

Ski for Light allows blind and mobility impaired people the opportunity to interact with the outdoors in winter through skiing or sit-skiing. With the help of guides, they spend hours outside, enjoying activities that may otherwise not be available to them.

Our lodge, Edmonds 2-130, is an integral part in making sure that the Puget Sound chapter has a great time on the trails in winter, in providing guides to take the skiers around, as well as helping get participants situated. We provide a warming house and meal, as well as storage for their skis and sit-skis and assistance in preparing them when it is time to hit the trails.

In summertime, our lodge interacts with the grooming contractor to make sure they properly care for the trails, while we take care of trail maintenance, make sure the signs are put out and taken in and that the bridges are in sound repair.

We also work tirelessly to promote and raise money for Ski for Light at all of our member and public events. With many lodge members providing guide assistance, Edmonds Lodge gives 15-20 people each winter the opportunity to have new experiences in the outdoors, with two monthly outings during the season.

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