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Service News Digest: CNCS In the News

by Kate Enos

Students Rally, Protest Budget Cuts to Programs

Ariane Litalien, Harvard Crimson

Kurt Tsuo ’11, who organized the protest with Samuel B. Novey ’11, said that proposed budget cuts could endanger students’ ability to participate in Teach for America, a program that places recent college graduates in low-income schools and receives significant funding from AmeriCorps. “The budget cuts are an attack on our classmates and the work that they do,” Novey said. “We want to send the respectful message that AmeriCorps members do incredible work in communities.”

SAHA Will Be Housing 'Jobs Plus' Program

Karisa King, San Antonio Express News

The funding will launch a “Jobs Plus” program aimed at educating and sending more than 1,000 residents to work or placing them into new positions with higher wages.

Big Brothers Big Sisters Leaders Worried About Federal Budget Cuts


Congress is considering eliminating Americorps, which pays the salaries of four people in the Lansing office of Big Brothers Big Sisters.

Stand Up for AmeriCorps

Caleb E. Jonas, Kate Leist, and Mikia R. Manley, Harvard Crimson

AmeriCorps has long enjoyed bipartisan support. President George H.W. Bush laid the foundation for the program, with his vision for “a thousand points of light.” President William J. Clinton championed the creation of AmeriCorps, and President George W. Bush proudly expanded the program, hailing its enormous impact. In 2009, more than a third of House Republicans and more than half of Senate Republicans voted to quadruple the number of AmeriCorps members as part of the Edward M. Kennedy Serve America Act.”

Jumpstart Jeopardized

Edgar Hernandez, Pepperdine Graphic

"If the bill passes and AmeriCorps is gone, the Jumpstart program and the families it helps would be greatly impacted," said Jumpstart coordinator Rosealinda Carrillo-Shadursky.

Seniors Invest in Kids in Davidson and Williamson Counties to Help Them Read

Jessica Bliss, The Tennessean

There are 165 seniors like Theiss serving as FLIP tutors in Davidson and Williamson counties. The group, part of FiftyForward's Retired Senior Volunteer Program, has worked throughout the community since 1993, but at a time when there is amplified emphasis on the reading and math proficiency of Middle Tennessee students, it has become even more valuable to the 30 schools and 644 children it serves.

Where the Money Is

Richard Stengel, TIME Magazine

Cutting discretionary spending won't solve the problem, and gutting the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and programs like AmeriCorps hurts us in the long run almost as much as unfunded liabilities do. Politicians need to go where the money is: entitlements and defense.

Reading the Way

Stef Fuhr, City Beat

Without the help from Literacy Network and AmeriCorps, programs like the council and the Over-the-Rhine Learning Center wouldn’t survive; they rely on volunteers to assist in the aiding the functionally illiterate.

The Service News Digest is a new feature on the Serve.Gov blog. Each week, we will showcase news highlights that feature national service.

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