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Service News Digest: CNCS In the News

by Kate Enos

Rein in Spending, Ramp Up Service

John Bridgeland, The Huffington Post

“If AmeriCorps were eliminated, 100,000 jobs would disappear over night -- jobs that provide services and a social safety net to disadvantaged children, veterans, seniors and other vulnerable populations.”

Seeing First-Hand How Snow Sports Can Help Improve a Child's Life

Elaine Ogintz, The Huffington Post

A snowboarding camp for underserved youth builds confidence in participants, teaching patience and persistence in life, whether they’re on the slopes or in the real world.

AmeriCorps May Face Closure

Jerry Mitchell, The Jackson Clarion-Ledger

“If Congress' current continuing resolution is adopted, AmeriCorps and related national service programs would be eliminated - costing Mississippi more than $25 million a year.”

Richmond Kids Involve Whole Town With Project to Help Homeless

Kate Rouse, Utah State University News

Youth in Richmond, UT rally a whole community to help those in need in Salt Lake City, with funding from a Learn and Serve America grant. “Without the service learning grant, we wouldn’t have the money to do any of this,” Butterfield said.

End AmeriCorps? Short-sighted Idea.

Wade Hauser, Minneapolis Star-Tribune

As the debate over the budget continues, Congress should take note: AmeriCorps provides meaningful service, real-world job training and economic growth. Best of all, it does it on the cheap.”

Convent Garden Offers New Life for Ex-Offenders

Annette Sisco, The New Orleans Times-Pacayune

Former prison inmates, as members of AmeriCorps, are working the soil with the Sisters of the Holy Family, who help ease formerly incarcerated folks back into society.

Why We Need to Save AmeriCorps: A Lesson from New Orleans

Nathan Rothstein; The New Prosperity

“If AmeriCorps is cut, Massachusetts will lose approximately 55,000 jobs. This will be absolutely devastating to nonprofit organizations around the state who rely on AmeriCorps volunteers to maximize their impact.”

The Service News Digest will be a new feature on the Serve.Gov blog. Each week, we will showcase news highlights that feature national service. Take a look at some of the great stories that had people talking today.

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