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Service News Digest: CNCS In the News

by Kate Enos

Ed Note: Starting today, the Service News Digest will be a weekly feature on the Serve.Gov blog. Each week, we will showcase news highlights that feature national service.

Step Up For Your Country

Gen. Stanley McChrystal, Newsweek

The general who led U.S. forces in Afghanistan makes the case for national service and the ‘basic responsibilities of being an American.’

Agents of Change

David Scharfenberg, Providence Phoenix

A look at the evolution of the City Year program and the impact the program is making in schools like Roger Williams High School in Providence in helping curb the “dropout epidemic”.

$1.7M in Grants for Ed Programs

Jessica Brown, Cincinnati Enquirer

Patrick Corvington, CEO of the Corporation for National and Community Service, was on hand to announce $1.7 million in social innovation funds to organizations in the Greater Cincinnati region, which aim to prepare local youth to succeed in academics and employment from a young age.

Volunteering Spirit Catches Fire

Linda Matchan, Boston Globe

College students around the country and in Boston show the increasing evidence that commitment to community service is becoming much more ordinary to today’s young adults.

Turn Your Community Service Into College Cash

Matt Konrad, U.S. News & World Report

“Helping others in your community—whether it's by building houses, delivering meals, or feeding animals—is truly its own reward, but it can also have tangible benefits when it comes to attending and paying for college.”

Across the Generations

Ana Veciana-Suarez, Miami Herald

An intergenerational program provide benefits for the young and old, as workers over 55 provide child-care services for children of middle and low-income families at a bilingual program in Miami.

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