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Seniors Support Summer Camp Craft Projects

by Michele B.

Butte, Montana RSVP volunteers are enjoying their summer volunteer activities. One of our summer programs was at the Sunshine Kiwanis residential camp. This camp provides a residential summer camp program with a five day sessions for children from ages 7 – 11. The Butte Silver Bow Kiwanis Camp has been existence for the past 64 years.

Daily activities include swimming, art/crafts, drug and alcohol education, bowling, marshal arts and other outdoor activates. Five of our RSVP volunteers served 20 hours instructing the craft component at camp for the four week sessions. They instructed 145 children how to make “God Eyes.” The children learned the history and purpose of the craft project. This activity was enjoyed by all the children. The children are excited to share their new skill with family members and friends after they leave camp.

The RSVP volunteers shared their skills and talents on the following dates: July 15th, July 22nd, July 29th and August 5th. The children at the Kiwanis Camp have experienced a great educational opportunity. Throughout the grant year we have 45 RSVP volunteers serving 3,037 hours with children in after-school programs.

As one of the volunteers has said: “Kiwanis Sunshine Camp is a wonderful experience for the children that have the opportunity to attend each summer for one week."

And another: “It is amazing that this camp is fully funded by our Butte Community and each child is able to attend at no cost.”

United our volunteers have served and continue to serve our community of Butte Silver Bow…

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