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Senior Corps Session Provides Strategic Direction and Marks RSVP 40th Anniversary

Monday’s Senior Corps luncheon at the National Conference on Volunteering and Service brought together more than 700 program directors to hear Senior Corps Director Dr. Erwin Tan discuss the program’s strategic direction and celebrate RSVP’s 40th Anniversary.

Dr. Tan discussed the budget, performance measures, and the need for demonstrating Senior Corp’s impact.

“In this environment of budget cuts and an increased demand for measurable outcomes, we need to demonstrate our volunteers’ impact in concrete and measurable terms,” said Tan. “How do we measure the impact of Senior Corps? By having all of you align your projects with CNCS’s strategic plan.”

RSVP celebrated its 40th anniversary with a look back at its amazing 40 year history of “people helping people.”

Fred Lugo, president of the National Senior Corps Association (NSCA) and Betty Ruth, president of the National Association of RSVP Directors (NARSVPD), gave lively remarks and introduced a video that shows the impact the program is making in communities across the country.

View the video here: 

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