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RSVP Volunteers Begin New Partnership with the US Army, Assisting Arsenal Island Disaster Drill

by Kara K.

RSVP Senior Corps volunteers began a new partnership with the US Army by assisting the Arsenal Island Disaster Drill. On August 13th, 18 RSVP volunteers participated in a disaster drill at the U.S. Army’s Rock Island Arsenal on Arsenal Island between Davenport and Rock Island in the Mississippi. Volunteers participated as victims in a simulated poisonous gas release. They went through triage on site then were transported to hospitals on both sides of the river. Afterwards several answered questions about their experience.

Volunteers found this experience fascinating and informative and Army personal said they were very helpful in preparing the arsenal for any possible event. This was the first of many ways that RSVP of eastern Iowa and western Illinois will be working with the Army’s Rock Island Arsenal Garrison as part of our new partnership which is part of our Summer of Service initiative. Future ways we will partner may include using RSVP volunteers as tutors and mentors for the children of service men and women, helping with special events and maintenance of historical sites on Arsenal Island, and providing volunteer opportunity information to service families stationed there.

To learn more about the RSVP, please visit RSVP. Also, try searching for "disaster," "drill," "emergency," etc.

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