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RSVP Volunteer: Making a Difference in Minot

by Kate Enos

Superwoman. That should be RSVP volunteer Evelyn Hildebrand's new name. If you're ever able to catch up with her, she's probably volunteering.

Hildebrand has been plunged into the middle of flood relief efforts in Minot, ND, where 11,000 of the city's 40,000 residents had to evacuate for higher ground and more than 4,000 homes and properties have flooded.

With her hometown in the spotlight, Hildebrand isn't expecting any fanfare. She just wants to help her neighbors and friends, and she's been doing just that. Hildebrand has taken in eight displaced residents who needed shelter and works nearly 12 hours a day helping her friends and neighbors affected by the flooding.

“People are out there helping, neighbor helping neighbor,” said Hildebrand.

In a day's work, she volunteers at the American Red Cross shelter from 9am-3pm, where many of the displaced have gone to seek refuge after being evacuated on June 24. There, she helps flood victims remain comfortable and at ease, assisting the American Red Cross staff with whatever is needed.

From there, she jets over to the Army Corps Emergency Call Center, where matches volunteers with the needs of affected residents.

In between shifts, she helped an 18 year-old who lost work because of the flooding land a job at the local Wal-Mart.

She may not wear a cape and be able to leap tall buildings, but in the eyes of those she helps, Hildebrand is indeed, Superwoman.

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