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Responding to Obama's Call to Service Abroad

by PTA Group

We have heard your engaging message across the Atlantic. Since Responding to Obama's Call to Service AbroadPresident Obama and the First Lady have launched "United We Serve" in June, the students of the American School of Barcelona, Spain, from pre-school to high school, are responding enthusiastically to your call of service with volunteerism in our community to strengthen the world.

"How do we Serve?" By conserving Collserola Park, volunteering as soccer referees, recess helpers, classroom assistants, student councils, food drives, toy collections, school to school exchanges with local public schools, peer tutoring, singing at retirement homes, recycling programs, beach clean up, Habitat for Humanity, advertising for a cancer foundation, charity fashion shows, volunteering at SIDA, translating for the Multiple Sclerosis Center, volunteering at Fundació Finistrelles and creating an English outreach program for public schools in Barcelona.

Our students are delivering a message of change in their community, country and the world. ASB's Parent Teacher Association is working by fundraising through social and educational events.

The objective is to raise funds for school equipment to enrich the student's learning environment and to aid parents in helping their children to become globally responsible citizens from "Parent Education Workshops".

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