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Planting Trees to Celebrate Global Youth Service Day

by Paula M.

In celebration of Global Youth Service Day 2009, People to People International student member Justin Churchman worked with Coronado High School students to plant tree seedlings behind three major non-profit organizations in El Paso. As they grow, the trees will provide a wind break and safety screen for the organization's outdoor areas.

In total, the group planted 42 seedlings behind the Child Crisis Center of El Paso, the YWCA Transitional Living Center and the El Paso Center for Children. Additionally, the group planted flowers at each facility and ended the project by planting a special tree next to the Crisis Center's playhouse and presenting them with gardening tools.

More than 30 volunteers helped with this project contributing 147 hours of service in total to the community. People to People International is proud of the great participation of its student member Justin Churchman during his Global Youth Service Day project.

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