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Pictures from the road: Bon Jovi and United We Serve

by United We Serve Team

Rocker Bon Jovi has sent us pictures from his tour to share with you. He has teamed up with The Corporation for National and Community Service to take the President’s call to service – United We Serve – on the road. In cities across the US, millions of concert-goers will see his “The Power of WE” concert video and have the opportunity to volunteer in their local communities via Below are pictures of local volunteers getting the word out in the corridors outside of concert venues.

This is the first partnership of its kind for United We Serve. In addition to the concert video, Bon Jovi is featured in a public service announcement that will play on TV stations – check out the video (and hear some of your favorite Bon Jovi songs) here.

Thanks again to all of the volunteers and Bon Jovi who are working together to get the word out about volunteering and United We Serve.

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