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The Next American Volunteer

by The United We Serve Team

United We Serve: Let’s Read. Let’s Move, is happy to be working with Meals on Wheels in an effort to ensure access to healthy and affordable food for all Americans, young and old.

The Meals On Wheels Association of America is the oldest and largest national organization in the United States representing those programs that provide meals to people in need. Meals On Wheels is composed of and represents local, community-based Senior Nutrition Programs across the country and boasts the largest volunteer army in the country.

Right now is a particularly exciting to get involved, as 22 amazing Meals On Wheels volunteers from across the country are locked in a heated competition - vying to become the next American Volunteer. Each one of them, from 4-year-old Xavier May to 95-year-old “High Five” John Gill, are featured in videos revealing the special character of someone who is dedicated to ensuring that no senior goes hungry.

This is the second year of the American Volunteer contest, which is just one way to say “thank you” and “great job” to some of the stand-out Meals On Wheels volunteers who provide a lifeline for America’s hungry, homebound and forgotten seniors. They are the backbone of America’s Meals On Wheels programs.

So check out the videos, vote for your favorite (hurry! the polls close August 1st) and get inspired to help provide access to healthy and affordable food for all Americans!

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