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Landscaping Project Brightens Hospice House

by Ann W.

Our project is the landscaping and on-going care of the grounds of the new Hospice House of St. Mary's County. The House is located in Callaway, Maryland, and has just been completed after a 6 months delay in construction. Patients are due to be moved in by December 1.

Hospice House provides 24/7 care for patients who are likely to have less than a month to live and cannot be cared for at home. Patient rooms are bright and cheerful and there is a sofa bed in each room for family members to use.

Almost all of the 30 volunteers for this project are Maryland Master Gardeners who work under the guidance of the University of Maryland Extension Service. Master Gardeners have extensive training and are required to do community service. I am the leader of the group, and I have been a gardener all my life and an active Master Gardener for over 10 years.

For the Hospice House project, over $13,000 has been pledged by local businesses and organizations to purchase plant material and such items as a fountain, pavers, and benches for the grounds. The project will include planting flowering trees and shrubs over a the next four years, along with blubs, annuals, and perennials.

The group will provide maintenance as needed. Because the property is over 20 acres, there will be extensive hours of labor involved. The Master Gardeners look on this project as a permanent one and see this very worthwhile endeavor as way to offer valuable service to the community.

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