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Keeping Military Families Close to Our Hearts

by Dr. Jill Biden

This post originally appeared on the White House blog on February 14, 2011.

Every February, couples and families take a special day to share their commitment and affection on Valentine's Day. This year, I had the opportunity to spend my Valentine's Day with soldiers and military families to share my appreciation for all they do and to reaffirm the Administration’s commitment to support our service members and their families.

I traveled to Fort Stewart, Georgia, with Army Chief of Staff General George Casey and his wife Sheila. Fort Stewart is home to the Army's 3rd Infantry Division, and more than 5,000 soldiers from the base are deployed overseas. Visiting with the families was a great privilege, and the pride that each of them had in the service of their loved ones was plain to see.

For families, being apart on a day like today can be especially tough. Some of our service members in the Navy put together a special video of Valentine's messages from home to sailors, aviators, and Marines abroad.

I wanted to share it with you:

 I hope that every American keeps in their thoughts and prayers the brave men and women of our armed forces and the families who eagerly await their safe return. Those families bear a heavy burden and bear it gladly, but it's our role as friends and neighbors to make sure they don't bear it alone.

As a military mom, I know how a simple act of kindness can make a difference.

Please take a minute to visit to find ways you can help support our military families.

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