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Investing in National Service

by Sandy Scott

Yesterday was a busy and exciting day at the Corporation for National and Community Service, as we rolled out the President’s FY 2011 budget request for our agency. After briefing our staff, Acting CEO Nicola Goren and Chief of Program Operations Kristin McSwain hosted calls all afternoon to share the details with our grantees across the country.


The President’s request of $1.4 billion will strengthen our nation’s volunteer sector, foster innovation and civic engagement, and mobilize more than six million Americans to solve critical problems through national service. The service participants supported by this budget will improve the lives of tens of millions of our most vulnerable citizens -- reducing the number of high school dropouts, expanding economic opportunity, increasing energy efficiency, mentoring at-risk youth, combating hunger and homelessness, providing health services, caring for veterans, supporting independent living, and responding to disasters.

This request makes clear that national service continues to be a high priority for President Obama. More broadly, it represents increasing national consensus among elected officials, business and nonprofit leaders, and ordinary Americans that service that service isn’t secondary or separate from achieving national priorities; it’s essential to achieving them.

You can get all the details by reading our full Budget Request or see the highlights in a message from Nicola Goren.

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