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How-To Tuesday: How to Dedicate Your 9/11 Service

by Beth O'Connor

With the September 11th National Day of Service and Remembrance just around the corner, many Americans will begin to reflect on the inconceivable tragedy of 9/11 and the incredible unity and service that emerged from it. While some of us may get lost in the quantitative measures of this disaster, it is important to appreciate the individual victim, hero, or survivor, as each has a unique story and personal testimony.

Dedicating your service bears witness to the fallen, and serves as a reminder to all that the memory of 9/11 is at the forefront of our thoughts. Dedicating your service is a meaningful way to demonstrate to the families of survivors that their names are still spoken, their stories still told.

The nonprofit organization MyGoodDeed is one of the founders of 9/11 Day and leads the effort to encourage Americans to dedicate service in memory of the September 11th victims. It's easy to join the 9/11 Day movement and dedicate service through the “I will” web portal. Here's how:

  1. If you have not yet determined a person for whom to serve, select an individual from the list of 9/11 victims or choose another person you would like to honor.
  2. Visit the 9/11 Day of Service website
  3. Select “The Movement” icon on the orange vertical bar on the left side of the screen, or go to this page.
  4. Just below the “I Will” statement is a box that can be checked to “Dedicate your I Will to a 9/11 victim or someone important to you.”
  5. Following the post of your “I Will” statement, you will see a screen that offers a place to enter your dedication.
  6. Now share your dedication with your friends! Post your pledge to Facebook, Google+, or share it on Twitter with the #911day hashtag.
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