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Health Corps: Educating the Student Body


HealthCorps is a proactive health movement founded by Dr. Mehmet Oz, cardiac surgeon, best-selling author, and Health Expert on The Oprah Winfrey Show, to help stem the crisis of child obesity through school-based health education and mentoring, as well as community events and outreach to underserved populations.

Distinguished by its mission to engage and educate America's youth and families to "Eat Smart and Exercise," HealthCorps provides the knowledge, tools and support to make healthy choices. With its vision to become the most trusted brand for proactive health and wellness in America, HealthCorps aims to revolutionize America's concept of health by prioritizing prevention and personal responsibility.

Modeled after the Peace Corps, the HealthCorps school-based program shows teens practical life skills through fun, interactive school seminars focused on the value and power of students' bodies and minds. HealthCorps "Coordinators", recent college graduates who have deferred medical school or graduate health program studies to participate in public service, empower teens to become educated consumers and health activists and encourage students to develop positive behavioral shifts that enhance self esteem and mental resilience.

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