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Greening Your High School

by Melanie Stevenson

Students at Scituate High School decided that their school was not “green” enough and decided to take action by entering Do Something’s “Increase Your Green” competition, where students across the nation competed to see who could get their school to be the most environmentally friendly.

These motivated students got 1,600 people involved in their projects including "Energy Night" which featured film screenings and energy workshops for the eight Rhode Island High Schools.

The students created an energy exhibit for the University of Rhode Island Energy Expo, attended by over 4000 people. They launched and maintained a green blog which was visited over 800 times in 8 weeks!

They've collected barrels from local food industry and sold them as rain barrels to community members which prevents energy wasted by pumping water for yard care. Through their distribution of CFLs, they have saved 165 MWh of energy.

Students distributed reusable water bottles with 500-use filters, preventing the future use of 4500 plastic bottles. Student leaders now police cafeteria recycling and have launched new recycling programs for community events.

Do Something awarded these incredible students with a $1,500 grant to keep up the “green” work!

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