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Game On! InterroBang Missions for MLK Day

by Allyson Knox

With the 25th Anniversary of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day fast approaching, the spirit of his work lives in the projects that you’re planning and the service that you’re doing. Wouldn’t it be great if you could make a difference in your community and share that experience with the world – just by playing a game? You can.

InterroBang, second-place winner of the Games for Change Social Impact Game of the Year 2010, teaches the art of problem-solving by offering a socially networked collection of missions that people complete in the real world. Students work alone or with friends to tackle challenges, perform service and inspire others.

Players, mostly aged 12-18, try new things and think in innovative and creative ways. Build a shelter without harming a living thing. Test your local water quality. Share and compare a tradition with a student from another country. Make an anti-bullying PSA. Completed missions become “deeds,” and you earn points and prizes by posting pictures, videos, and stories of your experience online.

On MLK Day, people will answer Dr. King’s call to action “What are you doing for others?” by working together to make a lasting positive impact in communities across the country. You can play InterroBang to do just that – the game features an expanding set of socially-minded MLK-inspired missions.

InterroBang, which was created by Nuvana with founding partner Microsoft Partners in Learning and in collaboration with Learn and Serve America, the Exploratorium, and ePals – is a real-world extension of the classroom, providing students with lots of fun and engaging learning opportunities. And the more their solutions positively impact the real world, the more points they get – and the more they enjoy learning.

InterroBang is a great way to make a difference on MLK Day and beyond. Sign up to play InterroBang and stay in touch with us on Facebook.

Allyson Knox is Academic Program Manager at Microsoft Partners in Learning.

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