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Monday was not an average day on the road for us. We’re in the middle of a long eight game road trip and flew into Washington, D.C. late Sunday night after tough game in Toronto. Fortunately, Monday had a couple opportunities for us that kept the team’s energy high despite the minimal sleep.

Yesterday was a busy and exciting day at the Corporation for National and Community Service, as we rolled out the President’s FY 2011 budget request for our agency. After briefing our staff, Acting CEO Nicola Goren and Chief of Program Operations Kristin McSwain hosted calls all afternoon to share the details with our grantees across the country.

Hi – my name is Ashley and I am a team leader in AmeriCorps NCCC. NCCC is a 10 month residential service program and our mission is to strengthen communities and develop leaders through direct, team-based service. This is my second year in NCCC, and it has been an incredible experience.

While a record snowstorm has quieted much of official Washington this week, we have exciting news to share: the Senate yesterday evening unanimously confirmed Patrick Corvington as the next CEO of the Corporation for National and Community Service.

America is facing some of the greatest challenges in a generation. At the same time, promising nonprofit organizations across the country are making heroic efforts to meet overwhelming need and, implement effective and innovative ways to meet these challenges. But their impact is often hampered by a lack of resources and support to evaluate and improve their programs, and expand them so they can serve more communities of need.

This morning Patrick Corvington was sworn in as the new CEO of the Corporation for National and Community Service. It was a fun and exciting morning and we snapped a couple of pictures to share with you. It’s a great time for service – and Patrick is the right leader at the right time for the Corporation. Learn more about Patrick Corvington.

Imagine a problem facing a community—unemployment or homelessness, poverty or environmental degradation—and there is a good chance that a group of college students are finding a way to tackle it. At the Corporation for National and Community Service, we honor these students and their universities with the President’s Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll. The Honor Roll is the highest federal recognition a college or university can receive for its commitment to volunteering, service-learning, and civic engagement.

It’s been a great first week. I’ve had the opportunity to meet our extraordinary staff and to hear directly from some of them in my first of many small listening sessions. I met with the Inspector General and received a number of in-depth briefings – and I’m even starting to find my way around the office.

As our days here in Tucson quickly dwindle we are still leaving our mark on the community that we’ve called home for the last two months. On Sunday all of our hard work and planning finally came together in the execution of an amazing Day of Service. The team was up at 7:30 a.m. to load all of the donations we’d collected, along with all of the cleaning and painting supplies in our vehicles. With the help of Sun 1’s team leader Jordan we were able to get everything to the park in one trip and began setting things up around 8:00. By 10:00 we’d gotten booths set up for each of the sponsoring organizations, laid out several trash bags under the railings we were painting, and organized the snacks (an awfully in-depth process taken on by Ian and I which included a full cardboard display for the array of granola bars). We also were fortunate enough to have the Sheriff’s Department let us borrow their orange Hummer with an amazing sound system to play a four-hour mix that Ian worked tirelessly on the day before.

I spent most of my MLK Day in silence. The sound of keyboards clicking was pretty much the only sound that you heard during my service project. The only weather we faced was a draft in the café that forced us to keep our coats on. And at the end of the day all of our hard work fit on a single tiny flash drive.


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