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The key to stopping summer learning loss is reading. If a child reads a minimum of five books between June and August, [he] will be on track for success next school year. We need every child to read at least five books this summer and every adult to help,” Secretary Arne Duncan noted earlier this summer at the launch of the U.S. Department of Education’s “Lets Read. Let’s Move.” enrichment series. Today, five special guests demonstrated the importance of literacy and how simple it can be to meet Secretary Duncan’s challenge by reading five books to local children on the Department’s outdoor plaza

One Hen, Inc. is an innovative organization that helps children to become global citizens by equipping teachers with interactive resources that teach elementary school children about world issues and how they can make a difference. This summer, One Hen is teaming up with United We Serve: Let’s Read. Let’s Move to encourage summer reading and take on the problem of access to healthy and affordable food!

One million is a pretty powerful number. The idea that we can help one million people in need may seem like an overwhelming and unattainable goal. But this summer, Reach Out and Read demonstrated that when thousands of committed volunteers join together, they can do exactly that.

As part of its summer enrichment series for Let's Read! Let's Move!, the Department of Education is inviting Cabinet members, administration officials, and other public figures to join in reading children's books, promoting healthy lifestyles, and participating in games and fitness activities with children in pre-kindergarten through third grade, from various local schools and summer programs.

Do you remember when you fell in love with reading? Many of us can recall that defining moment when we realized that reading is fun. For veteran NFL player Chris Draft, it was the day his mother took him and his brother to get their library cards. He recalled how special he felt at that moment, later emphatically proclaiming to his friends saying, “Man, look I got my library card!”

Much ado has been made lately about summer learning loss—and many assume that the antidote is more school. Whether that takes the form of summer school, year-round school, or computer camp, we have come to believe that more indoor desk time is what our kids need to avoid the “summer slide.”


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