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Usher helps youth use their creative talents to address problems in their communities.

A retail store in Los Angeles opens its doors to help children read.

Employees at more than 500 Verizon locations donated over half a million dollars worth of school supplies in just three weeks.

A Francophonic team of expert planners has developed a free, ultra low-tech, easy-to-make solution for students with the "I forgot my homework again" blues. Read the story and check out the video.

These students found out what was important to members of their community and helped people dig deeper.

What started as a dozen families dancing in the woods turned into a major charitable organization - the Western Fraternal Life Association. Recently they mobilized their community to save antiques and educate local youth in the process.

Senior citizens in Butte, Montana, shared their skills and talents with young campers learning to make crafts as part of the RSVP program.

Dr. Johari R.: "I consider helping people to find work as a ministry."

“We were called the ‘Mylar Boys.’ It was like a club.”

Last week, the Corporation for National and Community Service joined the Department of Housing and Urban Development for an event called “Evidence of Success: Institutions of Higher Education Engaging Communities.” Together, the two agencies hosted a discussion on the role that institutions of higher education play in stimulating local economies.


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