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A Call to Arts

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A Call to Arts: The One Million Mentor Hours Pledge seeks to inspire tomorrow’s storytellers through programs, events and other mentorship opportunities — with a goal to reach one million hours of mentorship over the next three years.

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Mentor Individuals in the Performing Arts

Take the Pledge: Mentor Individuals in the Performing Arts

Are you a member of SAG-AFTRA or other performing arts professional? Are you interested in becoming a performing arts mentor? We are working with partner organizations AFI and SAG-AFTRA to help connect you to mentoring opportunities in the performing arts.

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What is A Call to Arts?

Woman speaking to groupWe all have unique talents that can open doors of opportunity for our young people through mentoring. The A Call to Arts  collaboration enlists the arts community to join in and help nurture creativity in the next generation.

To help inspire young artists, we can think of no better place to start than the great stewards of the cinematic arts at the American Film Institute (AFI) and the body of creative energy of the media artists within the Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA).

During the last two years, the White House Student Film Festival has showcased stories created by young filmmakers and inspired them to follow their dreams. By doing so, it has nurtured aspiring storytellers and supported an environment for the creative arts to thrive and tell the stories that linger in the shadows, celebrate the extraordinary, and express the beauty of life from unique viewpoints.

AFI has collaborated with the White House on both Student Film Festivals and is providing professional development to each of the featured filmmakers and connecting winning students to one-on-one mentorships with AFI Conservatory alumni.

Through A Call to Arts, more than 160,000 SAG-AFTRA members and 300 elected leaders in 25 localities across the nation are being asked to mentor aspiring creative artists during the next three years. SAG-AFTRA will also dedicate educational seminars, outreach efforts, conservatory programs and classes to the effort, bringing an immediate addition of tens of thousands of mentor hours and opportunities.

This rising generation of storytellers aspires to do amazing things, but the words and guidance of an experienced adviser may add the spark that turns their dreams into reality. By becoming a mentor, you can help them grow as artists by sharing your passion for the creative arts with them.

Answer A Call to Arts  and help us mentor the great storytellers of the future.

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